Kenwood Chef A701

I am all about vintage. My kitchen has a bare brick wall, original wooden floor boards, and ancient kitchen units. We eat at a small formica table, my side cabinet is an old metal piece, and most pots and pans are fleamarket finds from Paris and Marseille, or local second hand finds.

I do not own many gadgets. For a long time, I had no kitchen timer, no blender, mixer or chopper. I do not own a juicer, nor a bread maker. What I do own, however, is a beautiful Gaggia espresso machine (more on this later) given to me by an old friend when I first moved into my house. And as of two weeks ago, I also own a Kenwood Chef. Model A701 from the 1960s, restored to its former glory by my very own engineer. An item of beauty and utility that fits right in.

I love my Kenwood Chef, and I already cannot imagine how I did without it. It has an old glass blender attachment, which works a treat for making hummous. It has a dough hook and enough horse power that I can make rye sourdough without it feeling like a major upper body workout, and the whish makes it a million times easier to whip egg whites if compared to my daughter’s pink balloon whisk. My Kenwood Chef is truly awesome. Thank you so much, Mr Speranza.

A modern version of the wonder can be purchased via Amazon:

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