Rye sourdough

I have not baked rye bread in ages, mainly because I have not been able to get chopped rye. However, since discovering Shipton Mill there is chopped rye and flours aplenty. In line with my mission to seek inspiration from Claus Meyer this year, here is my version of his dark rye (mørkt kernerugbrød).

Makes 1 loaf:

2 dl water
1 tsp easy bake yeast
5 tbsp sourdough starter
275g rye flour (dark) (as fresh as possible)image

330 ml water
170g chopped rye
100g sunflower seeds
75g hemp seeds

14g sea salt
1 tbsp molasses

1 loaf tin (2 litres)

Day 1:
Mix 2 dl water, yeast, starter and rye flour in a bowl, cover with a lid or damp cloth and set aside for 48 hours.

Day 2:
Pour the remaining water over the chopped rye and seeds. Leave for 8 hours or until the water has been absorbed.image

Day 3:
Combine the rye flour mixture with the seeds and add salt and molasses. Use a ‘robot’ to knead the dough for some 10 minutes, taking care to push the wet dough down if it clings to the side of the bowl.
Grease the loaf tin well with sunflower oil. Pour in the dough and leave to proove somewhere warm for 3 hours (or longer, if the rise is slow).
Bake the bread at 180C (fan) for 1 hour and 20 minutes approximately. Leave to cool for a few hours. Enjoy with leek and potato soup or with pastrami, emmenthal and cornichons.




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