About this blog

Academic specializing in Middle East Politics, part-time Parisian, natural wine enthusiast, lover of food. Sunny superhero. Also, trumpet-playing mum to the adorable Amélie and mad about running.

This blog is about my love of growing, cooking and eating. Food and wine. There is a special place in my heart for edible flowers, herbs, and nuts. My style is Middle Eastern-Mediterranean fusion, and quite often ‘cru’. Raw fish, raw meat, raw veg. There is bread and cakes, there is warm salads and (natural) wine. Everything, but in moderation.

Paris, Copenhagen, Marseille, Bristol, London. The Westcountry. Once in a while, the blog will feature reviews of wine bars, restaurants and coffee shops with a passion for natural wine, seasonal food, and craftsmanship. There will be features about knives, kitchen workhorses, and vintage finds. Interviews with chefs, sommeliers, baristas, printers, illustrators,  and culinary hopefuls. This is, in short, a joyous blog!




All photos taken with an Iphone. Filters, when used, are either Snapseed or Instagram.

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