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A year away

Over the past year, I have hardly posted anything. At first, I was just tired. Then, I was sick 24/7. After that I felt awesome for a little while, only for exhaustion to take over. There was a good reason for it all: meet Alice.

Meet Alice

Now that she is here, I shall endeavour to blog again.

Projects for 2015:


Get the over-grown allotment up and running again (weeds and grass loved my baby bump).

Over-grown allotment

Baking bread and cooking:

A year in the kitchen inspired largely by Danish food entrepreneur and chef Claus Meyer. Principally from his book ‘Almanak’ and his baking bible.

Claus Meyer - kanelsnurre

For more on Meyer, see


I grow stuff. Lots of it. I absolutely love it. It is addictive, just like running. The ache you get from digging, sowing, weeding and harvesting is one of those nice ones. Admittedly not as nice as the one from finishing a long race, but still a pretty good one.

I am afraid I do not have green fingers, though. What grows, what wilts and what never sees the light of day is almost entirely up to nature. I have read the books, I have followed prescriptions. All to no avail. I shower everything with equal amounts of care and attention. But somethings are successful, while others are not. Regardless of whether similar crops grow on the neighbouring plot. On the bright side, I just love my allotment, no matter which crops it brings and their volume. I have enough. Not a little of everything, but quite a lot of some things. These vary from year to year, so at least we do not get bored.

My allotment is my haven. It is my daughter’s amazing bit of wilderness in the city. This is where she learns about nature. About vegetables, fruit, flowers, animals and insects. About life. And about the produce that forms the basis of our cooking. Our most treasured time together. She loves digging, watering, weeding and harvesting. She is exhilarated by feeding spiders. And she is waiting with great anticipation for the day she sees another fox. And rat. She also eats anything as a result. Lambs sweetbreads with roasted beets, grilled mackerel with fennel sott’olio, mussels with borlotti beans, rabbit with olives and anya potatoes. Amélie is 4, and a foodie if there ever was one.