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Colonna and Small’s


Every time we go to Bath, it rains. Save for the one time we walked the entire way from Bristol along the old railway line. It was some 30 km, and when we got there, we looked decidedly dishevelled. Hence, we did a bit of grocery shopping and took the next train back. At home, we cooked pizza, which we ate in bed accompanied bysome nice red wine and an episode of Mad Men (which, although clever, is nowhere as near as awesome as Breaking Bad).

Bath is beautiful. Even in the rain. But when your feet get wet, and you are freezing, you either need a good pub with a log fire and real ale, or a great coffee place, the latter of which there are not that many of down here. Colonna and Small’s is an exception. It is pretty cool. In fact, if I lived in Bath, I would come there a whole lot (especially if they took their many certificates down. Well done winning them, but they are an eye sore).

Today we had a flat white and a cortado. Both made with Workshop’s Santa Clara roast (Guatemala). Personally, I prefer Workshop’s roast to that of Clifton’s. I like the notes of chocolate and warm spices that go so well with a small amount of milk – it works particularly well as a cortado. Especially enjoyed with a small piece of chocolate, which Colonna and Small’s also sell alongside various cakes and pastries. It is nice to see that us, who are not so keen on cake, are catered for too. Quite a rarity. My boyfriend likes cakes. And biscuits. He thought the flat white was like a petit beurre¬†(him being French). That is quite a compliment, by the way.

Apart from the coffee being great, it is worth noting that the staff at Colonna and Small’s are mad about coffee. And they are nice. Very nice. They were chatty and smiley, and there was clearly quite a few customers present who came there on a frequent basis, which is always a good sign. I will certainly beback on another rainy day. I love the place.

6 Chapel Row, Bath

Open every day.


Full Court Press

imageI like coffee. In fact, I love coffee. And geeky foodie conversations. Both can be had at Full Court Press, and the place has somewhat of a Scandinavian feel to it, although the candles are missing (just saying). Going to FCP is, in short, a pleasure.

i have heard people say the place is pretentious, hipster and cold. I don’t think so! The guys are passionate about coffee, they are always welcoming (and smiley), they guide you through the coffee menu if you wish (regardless of whether you are an afficionado or not), the music is certainly not hip (or loud), and while the decor is by no means traditional English, it is certainly nice – Scandi spartan, clean, shabby chic. What is wrong with that? Makes me feel right at home.

I have sampled various beans and roasts at FCP over the past year, usually made as flat whites or cortados. Often the suppliers (bean selection changes weekly; there are two to choose from) are well-known: HasBean, Clifton, Extract or Square Mile. I would like to see Monmouth, and I dream of Koppi, Tim Wendelboe and the Coffee Collective (as does the owner), but I understand why, at present, this is not possible. Scandinavian shipping costs are simply too dear. Not many people would pay £7 for a cup of coffee (outside of Paris, that is).

Today I had a cortado made with beans from Guatamala supplied by Square Mile (Ladera; washed). It was delicious – citrussy without being sharp, bold without being harsh. Just delicious on a late, rainy afternoon. I shall be back for further delights – coffee, banter, and Hart’s bakery produce. And if they start stocking single origin dark chocolate too – which no other place seems willing to do due to low profit margins – FCP will unquestionably be my first port of call when out for a coffee in Bristol.


Full Court Press, 59 Broad Street, Bristol BS1 2EJ
Open every day.